Reptiles, Frogs & Invertebrates of ZEALANDIA

Visitors often refer to Zealandia as a ‘Jurassic Park’. Perhaps because of our unique pest-exclusion fence or maybe because this is the only place on mainland New Zealand you can see our most famous ‘living fossil’ living wild – the tuatara! New Zealand’s reptiles and amphibians have changed remarkably little since they were roaming the earth with the dinosaurs. The prehistoric Maud Island frog may be seen here on a night tour – one of the most primitive frogs in the world. In the day look for geckos in our lizard enclosure – they might be bright green, but we bet you can’t spot them all! Keep an eye out for skinks and geckos living wild in the valley too.


Spotted Skink

Cave Wētā

Wellington Green Gecko

Maud Island Frog

Leaf Veined Slug

Cook Strait Giant Wētā

Forest Gecko

Tree Wētā